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What is the most painful piercing?

asked in medical, pain, piercing

P-Kasso answers:

Never having had a piercing, I find every piercing painful to even look at, let alone do it to my body.

I wince everytime I pass the tattoo and body piercing parlours in Brighton. There are hundreds.

They display some pretty graphic 'price lists' or 'menus' in their windows.

An 'Albert' must be one of the worst. (I dread to think about a Double Albert!).

Thank god the US craze for 'Banana Splits' hasn't hit Brighton yet - maybe it has, just that it needs a surgeon and is probably 'under the counter'?

Eyebrow piecing look the most uncomfortable and incomprehensible of all facial piercings though.

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cryptminder answers:

I would think that testicular piercing should be avoided like the plague,

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wrestlingfan420 answers:

A Prince Albert for the guys would be very painful, for obvious reasons! For the women, I would imagine that a clitoris piercing would be quite painful. Also, a septum and an eyebrow being pierced is also probably pretty painful.

Supplement from 10/15/2008 06:08pm:

I know numerous people, including my wife, who have had their tongues pierced and they say it really doesn't hurt as much as one might think. My wife said getting her tongue pierced was not as painful as getting her second ear piercing.

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mrmoped answers:

Hi feet piercing are ever so painfuland fore skin piercing kill!!!

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Why bother? You end up looking like something from Apacalypse now when the American team move further up the Mekong delta and civilisation collapses.

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Messerwisser answers:

If the piercing hits a nerve it can be very painful anywhere.
After an surgical operation on a big toe I had a terrible pain for some weeks. That pain stopped immediately as the stitch (a thin stainless wire) was removed.

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Family.Guy answers:

I guess it would depend on your pain threshold, but im in agreement with wrestlingfan on this one i cant think of anything more painful than them ones he mentioned.

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UntamedAngel answers:

It depends on an individual, their pain threshold, how sensitive they are in certain areas. Ask many pierced people what they found most painful and you'll get different answers. For instance, one person may say their nipples, while another may say genital. It just depends on how sensitized those individuals are in those certain areas.

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Bubs86 answers:

I had my tongue pierced for many years and that wasnt painful to get done but was painful afterwards. The process is pretty gross they put a hot antiseptic in your mouth to clean it, then num your tongue and mouth. A large needle with a tube on it is then inserted and you have to hold a bucket on your lap for the chunk of tongue and blood can drop into it. You then have to wear a lage bar for a week and only eat liquids until the swelling goes down and you can wear a normal size bar.

I would probably say it is one of the most painful and inconvenient piercings to get, good if you want to go on a diet though!

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