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As an ex sufferer of sea sickness I have been told that ginger is actually as effective as some motion sickness drugs. Is this true and exactly how does it work?
Have any members tried this natural remedy or preventative treatment themselves?
asked in Motion Sickness, ginger, medicine

duffield1 answers:

Ginger is commonly used as a homeopathic remedy for sickness of all kinds - motion, morning and just general nausea as it calms the stomach. The great thing is that you can take it in many different forms - ginger ale or beer, chew on a piece of root (urgh!), or even eating ginger biscuits.

As to why it works, I have no idea - it just does. I've tried it, although I have to say that eating biscuits works as a distraction technique from my motion-induced nausea. (That said, eating a full Toblerone didn't work - I like to think of that as my 'control' test).

Here's some more scientific date about dosage and usage, including some decent trials:

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