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Is it right that a girl of nearly 13 should be sweating alot even when just sitting down?
My stepdaughter seems to be sweating alot under her arms to the extent that she is weting through her tops she is wearing and this is happening even when she is sitting down,I would understand if she had been running about or it was really hot but she hasn't and it isn't(We haven't even got the heating on)
Could this be because of her hormones?(as she has just reacently started her monthly cycles)
Or could she have over active sweat glands?
Has anybody else had or knows someone who has had this problem?
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tracieboo answers:

Yep, my daughters had the same thing, to the extent that if they wore white tops they would end up with yellow stains under the arms.
It is all to do with that wonderful thing called puberty!! it will settle down at some point.

Supplement from 10/17/2008 06:48pm:

get her some perspirex deodorant and see if that helps. Though there seems to be some concerns about using such a strong deodorant so you might want to check with a doctor first.

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Topaz2308 answers:

Most probably overactive sweat glands as it is quite a common problem in children when their hormones begin to develop. If it is a concern to her then you could consider speaking to your doctor about it as there is a simple test with iodine they can do that if it turns black quickly then they have overative sweat glands. He then might suggest a course of Bottox into the sweat glands as this makes them paralysed so halts the over production of sweat.

The above information was through watching about it on embarassing illnesses and I'm sure if you search the net you could find out a lot more.

There is also a deodorant you can buy from the chemist that is specifically made to help as well so might be worth asking there first.

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del79 answers:

a friend of mine has the same problem. she went to her doctor and was told that it could be a hormone inbalance (she is mid twenties so puberty was ruled out for her),or an over active sweat gland.
im sure that at 13 your step daughters problem is probably puberty,but a trip to the doctor would help as he may be ablr to prescribe a deoderant suitable for her skin type etc as some of the other deoderants out there could be very harsh an sensitive skin.
hope this helped

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