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does anyone remember the game killer instinct???
i used to love playing a game called killer instinct on the nintendo 64,and now that i have an xbox 360 i was wondering does anyone know if there are any plans to put killer instinct on the xbox 360.
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reactivated answers:

Some sites say no, some say yes. i posted a few links for you to read. hope tis helps.



This is where Rare comes into play. It's a well known fact that Rare receives a ton of e-mail each week about the Killer Instinct series. While Rare has continually denied, or simply refused to comment on a third installment in the series, they've dropped a couple hints for hungry fans. Rare's first Xbox release, Grabbed by the Ghoulies, featured a room with Killer Instinct 3 boxart on one shelf. In it's latest release, Conker: Live & Reloaded, the crude squirrel is seen reading a magazine with a Killer Instinct advertisement on the back cover, stating that the game is coming soon. It seems quite possible that a new KI could be on the way in 2006.

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