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Is it acceptable to.................
directly compare homosexuality to paedaphillia?

There was an opinion on here recently which compares homosexual couples with paedaphilles, basically saying they are on the same level of 'badness'. Is this a common opinion or just that of a select few people.

How can the consenting relationship of two adults be as bad of the illegal abuse of a child?
Supplement from 10/18/2008 11:19pm:
I am going to change the words directly compare to compare by saying almost on par with!!

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Candy.DeRun answers:

This is just a completely ridiculous opinion and cannot believe that any rational person even verbalise it!!

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seacommander answers:

No it's not. Paedophilia is totally abhorent. Homosexuality between consenting adults may not be acceptable to many people but is not destructive like paedophilia.

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jacquesdor answers:

There can be no comparison. One is not only a crime but is the worst sort of abuse of innocence.
Homosexuality is a fact, it is what some people are not what they do.
Two adults expressing their love - or lust - is a completely different thing to one adult imposing it on a child.

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rasputin1309 answers:

Paedophilia is sexual interest in children - homosexuality is sexual interest in your own sex - clearly they are different and anyone who suggests they are the same is either an idiot or a nasty arse.

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Family.Guy answers:

No that is totally unfair there are a lot of homosexual people that are nice people just like straight ones, peado's are just lower than pond scum in the food chain.

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robinsamuels answers:

There is no comparison. Even if someone hates the idea of 2 people of the same sex being "together", they should acknowledge that gay couples are acting in a consensual way (I would hope).

Children cannot legally give consent to sex and so, it is no different to rape even if the child is almost of a legal age. When I hear of very young children being abused, I really wish we could have sharia law for a few offences!

Supplement from 10/18/2008 08:02pm:

Now that I've seen the comments on the previous question, I have to say I think that you're over-reacting. The answer did not "directly compare homosexuality to paedaphillia" as this question suggests, though it did say they were nearly as bad as each other.

I do not have any issue with your lifestyle and sexual persuasion. But, the generally norm within nature is male and female. Yes, there are species which exhibit same sex relationships, but they also continue to have male/female partners in order to breed. Some people see same sex couples as unnatural on this basis. That is their opinion to hold, and as said below, to express when asked for an opinion. You cannot attack someone for giving their opinion when it is you who have requested it, especially when made as articulately as the one you are upset by was. This was a well argued stance, regardless of your opinion of it.

I know that I have a tendency to ask questions that reflect my wold view and political feelings. However, I never take offence when somebody has a totally opposing view to mine. You have asked quite a few questions asking for opinions on your life choices, if you can't handle the answers, don't ask the questions!

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CGA answers:

Utter Nonsense !! Homosexuals can be bad and harmful - just like everyone else. Paedophiles ARE bad.

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moonzero2 answers:

I read the question concerned, my own opinion like some others is that 2 blokes kissing would tend to make me feel slightly ill, that could be just a hetro bloke thing.

Having met and conversed with a few gay guys, while I cannot deny anyone for having their opinion; I would consider this particular comparison grossly unfair.

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Aiming4777 answers:

I think they are both un-natural and should both be against the law and not tolerated by society ... however paedophilia is un-natural and perverse. Lots of responses present the notion that paedophilia will never be tolerated by society and will always be illegal but not long ago, say twenty years, everyone would have said the same about homosexuals.

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hellis852 answers:

Two total different kind of people of society. Homosexuals just fall for their own sex 99% get on leading an ordinary life with a partner. Just like men and women. 1% spoil it with rent boys. But there again what is called normal people also spoil their record with prostitutes and escorts. The paedaphile is another person? altogether. They break all the rules of nature.Cause great harm to children of both sexes at ages that must be terrifying to the victims.The internet as a lot to answer to for this kind of person in a way makes it easier. The law has to change and make it more difficult and sentences harsh.Makes me mad when they are given bail and go underground.Or they get off with a technicallity.I know every-one as a legal right but they should not have this line. Why do men and some women deal in children its the 21 century and we still have not even cracked the problem. and it is escalating. They really don,t deserve to live.Pure evil.

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agentju90 answers:

being gay is about love. just as in straight relationships. sex isn't vital, but is just an added bonus.

pedophilia is about power and control. there is no love involved. it's a selfish and cold act. i can't beleive it was said that being gay should be illegal. it means love should be illegal. there are plenty of gay and straight couples who are inlove for the companionship, and don't engage in sexual contact. what happend to good old fashioned tollerance? judge not lest ye be judged. let he who is without sin cast the first stone. a huge grrrrrrr from me.

unhappy and angry julee.

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Maygs answers:

It's ridiculous. OK so at worst the comparison would be that it's unatural.

Peadofiles are sexually attracted to children.
Homosexuals are sexually attracted to members of the same sex.

In one, both adults are consenting and in another, a child's innocence is stolen and left scarred.

I certainly would not tar the two with the same brush.

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duffield1 answers:

I actually think that this is a far more difficult question to answer than it would first seem. At first, I'd say no, it is scandalous - as others have said, how do you compare a legal act that many people enjoy with something illegal that feels like it goes against every nurturing instint that you have?

But then, let's start to think about sexuality. When I googled for a definition of paedophilia, it came up with "A sexual attraction to children". The same dictionary defines homosexuality as "A sexual attraction to a person or people of the same gender".

Then comes the question of how sexuality evolves - nature or nurture? I believe that sexuality is something you are born with, and in our current, libertarian society, we generally tell people not to hide their feelings, and come out and celebrate. However, if sexual attraction to children (or animals, for that matter) is something that you are born with, why do we criticise those who try to fulfil their fantasies? Well, the answer to that is pretty obvious - because it is morally wrong and illegal to take advantage of innocent children. But as Aiming points out, some believe that homosexuality is morally wrong, and it used to be illegal.

My point is that we are socially conditioned to shun paedophiles, and *most* of us are socially conditioned to accept gay people. It is our own morality (and the law as a guardian of morality) that judges paedophiles.

So, to get on and answer the question, for some people, it is not wrong to group together homosexuals and paedophiles, for others, it is. In some countries, gay people are still thrown in jail because they act upon their own desires. In most countries, paedophiles are treated the same.

If you take offence, as a gay person, to being compared to a paedophile, then think again of how you struggled to come to terms with your own sexuality. Theoretically, if the definition I found is correct, then just as a gay person is gay irrespective of how they act, then a paedophile could be the same - supressing their desires to fit in with 'normal' society. Can you judge that person, who is trying to deal with their sexuality without causing harm to others? Surely we can't be judged based upon something over which we have no control? The only time that person should be judged is when they step across the line and make their desires real, harming another person - a child, specifically - in the process.

Answering your question requires us to judge two different kinds of sexuality - and I don't know how we can do this to be fair to everyone, including those who are sexually attracted to children.

That said, I've seen this from a personal perspective - when at uni in France, a very good friend who was gay was subjected to a tirade of abuse whilst walking down the street. In France, the insult of 'pédé' was often used against gay people (not sure if it still is), but effectively, it is little more than calling a gay person a 'paedo' in this country. He'd been called this more than once - including by an ex-girlfriend's father - and it upset him deeply.

Not sure what that anecdote adds to or subtracts from this argument - perhaps it just highlights that the idea of linking homosexuality and paedophillia is not unusual, or perhaps it highlights double standards in the way we all label people who do not conform to the contemporary concept of 'normality'.

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wrestlingfan420 answers:

First of all, I know who you are talking about, because I saw this comment, and I will tell you this: The user in question is a very good friend of mine. We have had many many conversations over the last few months, and this comment will not change that fact. That being said, I totally disagree with the statement they made. Comparimg homosexuality to pedophilia is ludicrous and silly. Homosexuality is a consensual relationship between two people of the same sex. Pedophilia is the taking advantage of an innocent child. Same? I think not. Homosexuality is still one of those taboo subjects which some ignorant people still think should be abolished. People need to realize that it is a very prevalent part of society and it isn't going away soon. If they feel negatively about homosexuality, then they should probably keep their opinions to themselves. Then again, you did ask for everyone's opinions. You are bound to get negative reactions from some people on this subject. Just take it for what it is, their opinion. It doesn't affect you in a personal way does it? It only makes the person in question look silly and closed-minded.

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