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Which abilitys (sport) can you learn in which age best?
a list/table would be good.
i was thinking of abilitys like coordination, sense of balance, stamina etc.
Supplement from 10/20/2008 08:48am:
its just about general (sport-)abilitys...in which time of childhood do you learn which one best?

asked in biology, children development, sport

Leohuberh answers:

Children under 8 need to have the freedom to play, explore and learn the skills of throwing and catching, kicking and hitting a ball, jumping, running and swimming in an enjoyable way. It is having these skills that enables them to confidently move on to the next step.

Depending on their individual development 8-10 year olds can join in organised competition (eg inter-school competition) that is adapted to meet the children's developing needs. They will still need help with skill development and with coping with disappointment.

11-12 years and over:
Children and young people can enjoy the competition and still be learning skills. Some children at this age are showing special talent at and interest in a particular sport and can benefit from individual coaching. Children and young people need to learn about how to behave when playing, and when winning and losing.

Sport at this stage can involve trips away with a team and opportunities for team leadership. It is important not to push any young people beyond what they are physically ready for and to find out about what is appropriate in relation to their age and the sport they are playing.

What are age-appropriate activities? >>>

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