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What are your opinions on the eating of dogs and the people who eat them?

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Messerwisser answers:

It does not attract me, but I understand people who do it or not whether they have an affection for the different animals or not. The same goes for all edible animals provided the are not subject to suffering.
There are religions with different opinions about e.g. eating pigs.

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Maygs answers:

Dogs are not a rare breed and in places like China they are over run with them.

It's not like people will bring up a dog as a pet then decide they fancy a bit of dog meat one day. I don't see how it's any different to eating a cow or a chicken. Just because our society deems it wrong to eat dog doesn't mean people wont. Humans eat animals, it's a fact, no matter if you like it or not.

I'm against people killing things like whale, elephant, turtle, shark etc etc, as they're dying out as it is, we don't need to give them a helping hand. A dog, however, is a common animal and if they are bred to be eaten then I don't see the difference between dog meat, beef, lamb, chicken or pork.

We see dogs as people with personalities and when we think of eating dog we think of our pets, but I'm sure you would think the same way if you had a cow in your back garden and loved it too.

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Hiheels answers:

I'm not sure I could do it myself in normal circumstances - although give me a few weeks on a desert island and Fido's looking tasty.

Other countries have different cultures and each to their own so long as cruelty's not involved, I'm sure there are things we do that other countries find odd, but if they don't try to stop me, I won't try to stop them.

Supplement from 10/21/2008 11:13am:

Nice to see this Q sparked some "Bushcraft in Sussex" ads - that well known wilderness.

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rasputin1309 answers:

Why not - no different from eating cows, sheep etc.

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Family.Guy answers:

I don't really mind that people eat animals after all that is one reason that they were put on the Earth according to the Bible, and it is every humans basic need to feed. So why should they not eat them at the end of the day it is just another source of food.
It's not for me though i couldn't face eating Lassie ;)

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Bubs86 answers:

As a dog owner and lover I do find it a difficult concept but that is when someone says dog I think of my cassie. However if they are bred for that purpose then I agree it is no different to eating a cow or a pig. If it came to eating your own pet I dont see how that could be done because they become so intergrated into the family it would be like eating your child!!!

The only other trouble I have with it is because dogs are so intelligent, they know what is going on around them and they have different characters and are loyal and loving. Having said that I am not sure about the intelligence levels of a cow? Not that I much care because I love steak!

Those that could eat a dog could you eat a puppy?

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jacquesdor answers:

We had a male kid born to our goat, since we were hoping to enlarge the herd we knew, from advice, that the only thing we could do with the kid was eat him before he reached six months of age. Brandy was a wonderfully affectionate and intelligent animal, we loved him to bits, he would climb on to my lap for a cuddle and was generally a dear pet.
However, the time came when we could no longer keep him with the other goats. We could have given him to someone else who would have slaughtered and eaten him with no emotion. We felt he deserved better so we took him to our friendly butcher and accompanied him on his last journey. It was as beautifully done as these things can be, Brandy felt no fear or pain and was stroked and cuddled till the end. We threw a party for our friends to share the sacrificial feast, Brandy was honoured throughout and we felt is was the right and natural thing to do. That, in fact, was what he had been destined for.
The first mouthful was terribly hard, but with thanks we did eat it and enjoyed it.
I see no difference between that and a dog. No suffering for the animal is the main concern.it is the way of nature that animals are eaten, it is not natural that they should suffer in the process.
That is my opinion.

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CGA answers:

Apart from vegetarians, I think it is largely down to cultural sensitivities. What about fluffy little lambs - we eat those. On the other hand, what about horses - we don't eat those but they do in Europe. I was talking to a colleague in Belgium (when I lived there) and his view was that horse meat was good because it was not intensivly reared and was not full of drugs.

Eating a dog is not really appealing to me but, logically, it is no different to eating any other animal.

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wrestlingfan420 answers:

This is most assuredly a cultural and regional phenomenon. In America, one would never be able to get away with consuming a dog. In other parts of the world, it is perfectly acceptable. Conversely, we consume meat in mass quantities every day. In some countries, cows are considered sacred and to consume the meat of a cow would be tantamount to sacrilege. Different cultures and regions of the world have different customs and preferences. Of course with me owning a dog, it is disturbing to think of my Katie on a hot plate ready for consumption by other humans. Then again, that hamburger that I had last week may have had a name for some family in India.

Supplement from 10/21/2008 12:58pm:

I could not judge people that eat dogs because there are probably just as many people that would feel the same way about me eating meat.

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imfeduptoo answers:

I see no reason why people shouldn't eat dogs if their culture and customs permit it.

Many people in different countries of the world eat animals that we wouldn't eat because of sentimental reasons or because we simply wouldn't fancy them; there is no reason why I should critise these people's choices.

So long as the dogs are raised in a proper mannner and killed humanely.

I personally would have to be starving to death before I ate dog.

I think if a dog was fed on natural food rather than the tins of dog food that most in the western world are fed on they may seem a bit more palatable.

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seacommander answers:

I can see no problem at all with eating dog if that's what you fancy. All the usual caveats would need to apply such the animal being raised, slaughtered and butchered hygienically and humanely. My son travels to China regularly and dog features on many restaurant menus, however, I know that he hasn't yet partaken.

As for the people that eat them - I have no problem with them. We are all entitled to our own customs as long as these customs cause no suffering.

I am, for example, totally against the slaughter of fully conscious animals by cutting their throats and letting them bleed to death.

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xoloriib answers:

The people who eat dogs mostly live in Asia and the dogs that they eat are quite often not bred for the purpose. In all of the countries that I've read about they are mercilessly tortured to increase the adrenalin content of the meat as it is an aphrodisiac.

I do not agree with the torturing of any animal for any purpose and since having read a lot about it I can truly say I'm against it.

I can understand people in dire circumstances being forced to eat dog but the torturing aspect of it is way beyond what I would consider reasonable.

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P-Kasso answers:

Isn't it strange that we only tend to eat animals that are vegetarians!

Sheep, cows, rabbits etc.

Dogs munch bones and eat meat - so maybe that is part of the reason they are off the menu. Vegetarians good, carnivores bad.

As for not eating dogs because they are intelligent, well pigs and goats are intelligent too - probably well on a par with dogs.

As for eating a puppy I can see that, for some, it'd probably be a delicacy - rather like British restaurants serving up veal and charging extra.

Personally I wouldn't eat dogs, cats, rats, mice, buderigars, hamsters or gerbils.

Not because of squeamishness or quasi-religious or cultural beliefs but simply because there is so much else to eat that it isn't really necessary to tuck in to a Poodle Omelette.

A billion and a half Chinese might disagree.

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