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How could pre-verbal infants be studied?
Are there many studies done on pre verbal children as evidence for getting around this problem?
asked in children, psychology

blacksmith81 answers:

This is by either covert, where the observer does not interact with the child, or children, being studied. Or by overt observation, where some interaction with the child, takes place.

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minx_24.nik answers:

Many studies have been done on children ranging from birth to teens. Look in any child development book (Carolyn Meggitt has written a few) and it will tell you the developmental stages that a child should go through eg: a baby will coo and gurgle...this is one of the first stages of speech/communication. Many psychologists have studied children of all ages to ascertain how they develop and at what rate etc eg: Jerome Bruner and Jean Piaget to name but a few. As a nanny i make observations on the child i care for to find out all sorts of things eg: how his speech is developing. Jack is 19 months old so still learning to speak but he already has a massive vocabulary. I carry out observations in various ways...timed/event samples, participative...there are various ways and each one is best suited to certain types of investigations.

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