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conspiracy theories
With conspiracy theories on everything from the moon landings to the shooting of JFK to 9/11 to the death's of princess DI, Marylin Monroe, Elvis, Shergar etc do you think that many or any of them hold water if so which ones and why ?
asked in conspiracy theories, opinion

high1971 answers:

if you are inclined to believe these theories then they all hold water

but also i think that alot of information is withheld or sensored and this just added to peoples imagination

Supplement from 10/23/2008 12:00am:

i should of said they hold no water with me

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vultan answers:

There are a few - and only a few - that have enough of a credible motive for them to have happened, such as the famous political assassinations of the 60s. The murder of Robert Kennedy seems especially conspiratorial.

Otherwise, some of the Bilderburg Group-type stuff is probably true, but it shouldn't really come as a massive surprise to learn that the welathy and powerful collude in order to maintain the status quo. There may be some more information about the run-up to 9/11 that will change the official view, but I think it's unlikely.

I refuse to believe that the deaths of John Lennon, Marilyn Monroe or Princess Diana were caused by anything other than the official version - there simply isn't a credible motive for any of them to have been murdered. And American astronauts definitely went to the moon in 1969 and several times in the years that followed. And The Da Vinci Code is nonsense. And Jack the Ripper most definitely wasn't a member of the royal family or a high-ranking freemason.

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OneFootInTheGame answers:

I've lived through all the events you list.

I know nothing about Shergar.

The Elvis conspiracies are just absurd.

As for the rest, I've read a lot of the theories and I remain unconvinced. They all suffer from one or more of the following problems: too complicated, too many people involved, too many connections have to fall into place, too many unlikely associations, and on and on.

In the end, I believe the simplest answer is the most probable answer.

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Bubs86 answers:

The only one that holds any water in my mind is the Princess Diana conspiracy.

There are too many unusual things that happend surrounding the murder:

- The tunnel was completely sterislised by early morning washing away any evidence

- Dianas body was mumified

- The cameras supposededly werent working but issued someone with a speed ticket 5 mins before

- The paperazi man chasing her is renound for get the last pic of a celeb before they die

- The driver was meant to be intoxicated but was filmed bending down to tie his shoe lace 10 mins before quite normally

- The only survivor has more or less disappeared with a big pay out

- Eye witnesses say there was an unexplainable flash of light in the tunnel (which could have blinded the driver into crashing)

These all seem a bit suspicious to me. Also there was plenty of motive. Diana was an embarrassment to the crown and treading on too many toes. She was also dating (possibly engaged) to a muslim and rumoured to be carrying his baby which also wouldnt have gone down well with the queen.

It really wouldnt surprise me if MI5 had her dealt with on orders from someone higher up, possibly in the royal family! This is somethine that we will probably never know the answer too though?

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robinsamuels answers:

The problem with conspiracy theories is that the less evidence there is to support them, the more people shout that there is a cover up.

I do think there may well have been some outside interference in JFK's death, not necessarily the government, but he did upset a lot of people.

And as far as Diana's crash is concerned, there is only one piece of information which causes me to think here. That is the flash of light. There is a torch like device available, which the military and intelligence units use, which rather than letting out a steady stream of light, charges up a capacitor and then emits a blinding flash. They are used to stun people at night, the extreme flash shuts down the brain for a few seconds while the optical nerve gets over the assault on it. One of these could very easily have caused the flash seen and the resulting crash.

But, I've driven through that tunnel and wouldn't want to drive it at speed and in a heavy car. Nobody could know for sure that this was what the driver would do. But then again, a well financed assassination would allow for multiple options and attempts.

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CGA answers:

I think that MOST purported conspiracies are extremely unlikely. However, and this is where I differ from Vultan, I do think there are people with a motive, (and a will if they thought it possible), to carry out most of these. I think this is what makes the theories so powerful and long lasting - the belief that there are those who would do these things.
The reason I think that most of these do not hold water is because too many people would need to be involved/in the know. In these cases it would almost certainly impossible to avoid someone spilling the beans and making the whole thing public.
Of course, the more conspiracy theories that there are, the more chance that one could be real because the evidence and any leaks would get lost in the 'noise' from the others.
When you get to the individual conspiracy theories, some are clearly nonsense while others may be feasible but where you draw the line will depend on your own beliefs and thoughts. My own natural cynicism says that there is little the establishment would rule out so I would be temped by many of them - except that my realistic self says look at how many people would need to be involved. The further that number goes above 2 the less likelihood there is of it being a real conspiracy.

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wumpus answers:

Shergar definitely vanished. If two or more people planned the theft, then there was a conspiracy.

All the rest are people suffering from "wishful thinking".
In some cases, they don't find the truth particularly palatable, and want to find a way that it might not be the truth at all.

For the case of the moon landing, the sheer numbers of people involved, on several continents, it's highly unlikely that anything was faked. The news would have leaked; you can't gag that many people.

Supplement from 10/23/2008 03:54pm:

I would love to know who comes up with all these conspiracy theories.

Maybe there's a conspiracy behind them all.

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Maygs answers:

I love a good conspiracy theory, and tend to believe a lot of them.
The recent one I looked into was the landing on the moon, and I must admit that yet again I'm suckered into thinking it's true. These "film experts" claim to have taken this video apart and I believe the guys with the technical knowledge, and the story seems to fit!

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