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Are there any accurate figures showing rates of STDs and teenage pregnancy in countries compared to how young they start to teach sex education?
It seems the government is going to start making sex ed compulsory at primary level.

http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/educat ion/7684810.stm copy

This will provoke the usual and predictable reactions (lefties will approve, righties will be horrified). So what evidence is there? Do countries that teach children about sex at a younger age have fewer teenage pregnancies and STDs to cope with than the UK?

Please note: I'm *not* asking for your opinion about teaching five-year-olds about sex.
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cryptminder answers:

This artical may help you, but although it gives specific details on the subject the age range is not as per what you were looking at as it really only takes into account that children only start anything from 15 and that there are no figures for children below this age.

Differences in Teenage Pregnancy Rates Among Five Developed Countries: The Roles of Sexual Activity and Contraceptive Use
By Jacqueline E. Darroch, Susheela Singh, Jennifer J. Frost and the Study Team
Context: Adolescent pregnancy, birth, abortion and sexually transmitted disease (STD) rates are much higher in the United States than in most other developed countries.

Methods: Government statistics or nationally representative survey data were supplemented with data collected by private organizations or for regional or local populations to conduct studies of adolescent births, abortions, sexual activity and contraceptive use in Canada, the United States, Sweden, France and Great Britain.

Results: Adolescent childbearing is more common in the United States (22% of women reported having had a child before age 20) than in Great Britain (15%), Canada (11%), France (6%) and Sweden (4%); differences are even greater for births to younger teenagers. A lower proportion of teenage pregnancies are resolved through abortion in the United States than in the other countries; however, because of their high pregnancy rate, U.S. teenagers have the highest abortion rate. The age of sexual debut varies little across countries, yet American teenagers are the most likely to have multiple partners. A greater proportion of U.S. women reported no contraceptive use at either first or recent intercourse (25% and 20%, respectively) than reported nonuse in France (11% and 12%, respectively), Great Britain (21% and 4%, respectively) and Sweden (22% and 7%, respectively).


Supplement from 10/23/2008 12:44pm:

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