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another letter
I have received another letter from ex's solicitor (again via the solicitor who acted for me during this dispute) this solicitor has been told twice by the sol acting for me that they are no longer taking instructions from myself, but he keeps writing to them.
This letter now says that he finds the adjudicators findings 'consitute a res judicata between the parties'. This sol then says 'I refer you to Phipson on Evidence 16th Ed Para 44-31', and that I cannot deny the agreement to pay his client £3 and for me to walk away from this without having to pay the money would tantamount to unjust enrichment by my failure to keep my part of the bargaib. Refer doctrine part of Pallant v Morgan.
I can honestly say there was never any agreement between me and the ex for me to pay him £x. If there had of been I would not have just spend £15k fighting this in a land reg tribunal. He now gives me seven days to consider these references but no longer! Thats how the letter ends. Any advice would be greatfully appreciated. thanks
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CGA answers:

Well - it still sounds as if he is trying to put the frighteners on you. I don't think that the 7 days is something that has any force but I would not ignore this. It sounds as if your ex has a hot-shot lawyer who is trying to make a name for himself so you really do need some legal representation to ensure you get fair treatment. Did you try approaching the CAB?

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siasl74 answers:

I think you need to go to the solicitor that acted for you an ask them to explain the judgement that was reached to you in full - it sounds like that wasn't done. While you're there, you may as well ask them about this letter. If they say you have no obligations (and ask for that in writing), then you can ignore the letter (or send something to tell them to go away as what they are doing is harassment).

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