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how long will it stay on record?
how long does a suspended sentence stay on someones criminal record?
asked in law, general query

Russel.West answers:

Until the sentence is 'spent' - check out the rehabilitation of offenders Act - some jobs require you to declare criminal convictions, but that doesn't mean it will be held against you since once a sentence is spent you are concidered to have paid your debt to society and you are free to continue your life with a very few exceptions such as the sex offenders register or some crimes which would make you unsuitable to work with say vulnerable persons or if you have conditions to your sentence such as not being able until fully discharged able to say be a director of a limited company or hold public office, if you have been assigned a probation officer they would be able to advise you.
CAB would also be able to explain to you your legal obligations to disclose and to who you would have to. This is of course assuming you have the suspended sentence - if it someone else please read the above as 'they' instead of you.

Good luck to you or them.

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cryptminder answers:

Having had a criminal record, stays with you till the day you die.

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