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will the n.h.s still employ them?
if someone has a suspended sentence on their criminal record, can they still train to be a midwife? will the nhs employ them?
asked in general query, law, midwives

high1971 answers:

that would be upto the area and the pct's and hospitals guidelines you are best checking with your areas nhs
as some crimes will be effective as a none employment others may not

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seacommander answers:

An application for any job in the NHS that involves significant contact with patients - especially vulnerable patients, of which babies and children are some of the most vulnerable, will involve close scrutiny of potential employees. At the very least the highest level Criminal Record Bureau checks will be made, so you had best be upfront with your conviction and any other misdemeanours. I think it would be worth checking with the Human Resources and or Employment department of the unit you will be applying to before you actually submit an application.

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cryptminder answers:

According to the tv programme tonight, were a young girl bit a bouncer on a drunken night out, her training and employment was stopped by the NHS because she had accepted a police caution, thus admitting an affray and hence recieving a criminal record.

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