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Is it only me or does anyone else find 'automatical redirect' annoying?
As it says after a PM has been sent.
Maybe I'm wrong, but I can't believe this is the correct way to put it - is it just a bad translation from another language?
asked in English language, grammar

cryptminder answers:

Surely it should be automatic redirect, that makes sense as when a site is no longer in existance the system automatically re directs you to the new site.

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seacommander answers:

I agree entirely. Have thought that right from day one of joining IQ. Neither Chambers or Merriam-Webster recognise the word. I suspect it is a translational oddity, but from what language I have no idea.



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vultan answers:

Oh, there used to be loads of those little typos dotted around. I think most of them were cleaned up. The only other one I notice at the moment is "Delete all notifictations". But try saying them in a Popeye the Sailor voice and they start to sound pretty good.

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xoloriib answers:

There's quite a few of them in a similar vein. I'm used to other English spellings but these are definitely not from other forms of English.

IQ points history has
This is a list of when and how you accummelated IQ points.
Maybe I'm a bit of a stickler for spelling but it's 'accumulated'.

I've just had a look through where some used to be and it looks like they've been corrected. I have noticed that there are different versions on different days for some reason. Maybe there is a temporary server that is used when the main one is being serviced.

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