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Cough remedies?
So now I have a right nasty cough - seems like I'm sampling every illness known to man this autumn. It's a kind of tickly in-the-throat cough. Cough medicine does nothing, and it's apparently viral so anti-biotics aren't the answer (so the doctor told me). So do any of you have any suggestions for how to get rid of a cough, or alleviate its symptoms?
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jacquesdor answers:

A hot honey and lemon drink will certainly be soothing. Cough medicines are useless, the promoting of those makes you believe you are doing something, but mostly makes money for the producers!
Aspirin or Paracetomol might help to ease the discomfort, but I am sorry to say, the old fashioned remedy of time is the best. It will pass when it is ready. To ease the symptoms is all you can hope for, honey and lemon with aspirin ( or whatever is your personal favourite) is probably the best.
Good luck, I hope it clears soon, are you enrolled in a cold research programme or something? As you say, you are getting more than your fair share lately. Maybe boost you immune system with healthy living and good food? G W S

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imfeduptoo answers:

I've found that rubbing Olbas oil on to my neck, around the throat area, helps if I have a cough.
As well as helping to suppress the cough it's good if your nose is bunged up.
This link doesn't mention using Olbas oil for coughs but my personal experience has been that it really works.

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Family.Guy answers:

Lemon and honey glycerine can be bought at tesco for a few quid it works wonders with my coughs.

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osbertonbowls answers:

Get some Vitamin C chewable tablets and suck on at least 6 a day - it works!

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They boost the immune system

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tecspec answers:

When I had flu earlier this year I had a bad cough and ended up asking the Doctor for something as NOTHING I took touched it.
She told that there is nothing that can prescribed. Take regular doses of PAracetmol or Ibuprofen and try to rest.
I coughed non-stop for about 4 days before it started to give up.

So bascally all cough medicines are generally placebos..

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P-Kasso answers:

I was once given by a Jamaican lady her mother's cure not just for coughs but for practically every ailment you can think of.

It was honey, garlic, fressh lemon and fresh ginger all mashed up and then infused in boiling water. Stir and drink.

Tasted fine and seems to do the trick every time. The honey alone would, I think, help and also coat the tickly throat a bit and be soothing.

Eucalyptus oil is also very soothing - eucalyptus trees emit a cloud of camphor which even deters mosquitoes in their vicinity which is part of the reason why Australian farmers plant them in swampy land.

As a lad I used to be given Galloway's Cough Mixture which, although now tricky to find, is still made so I believe.

Can't say what the active ingredients of Galloway's are - but they don't act any better than the above West Indian cure-all.

And the honey drink, even if it is only a psychological benefit, at least makes it feel better being ill.

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Messerwisser answers:

Castor oil.

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natwarmer answers:

I very much like the abbove advice and this is a topic I revel in -- health and healing. It's always nice to have - IMO - things on hand and I am noting I dont have any honey. I'm buying a jar very soon. Have vitamin C there, On Hand. 1000mg a day wont hurt you. It is nature's little warrior against whatever intrudes against health. At the start of feeling a cold coming taking a zinc tablet, and for every day during, let's say, the next week. My years of taking nature's concoctions have me at this time, taking things on an *as needed* basis. So there are vitamins/minerals here and well covered and tightly capped for preservation. Find a paperback book, perhaps *How to Feed Yourself Right* by Dr. Lendon Smith. He doesnt dwell completely on food, per se. He, a fully fledged physician, has paragraphs showing what a paucity of this or that nutrient does and how this will show up in your feeling good or bad. His book is just one of the guru-authors I lucked into finding. And I have two copies. Of course he is of the US and might've not been sold over in the UK.

Supplement from 10/26/2008 11:09pm:

Sorry. I meant *Feed Yourself Right*.

Earl Mindell's *Vitamin Bible* an interesting reference too.

I'm sure amazon has these. After reading over all the wisdom here it's my bet they're all winners with the edge probably going to the hot toddy and wish for you to receive the hug.

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Maygs answers:

Hot toddy

Warm lemonade
Orange juice

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duffield1 answers:

When I had a really bad back and an aggravating cough, the doc prescribed codeine, as apparently it is not only a good painkiller, but it is also a cough supressant. You can get paracetamol and codeine over the counter in most chemists (300mg paracetamol/8mg codeine), so for short periods, this might just help calm the coughing down a little. Ask the doc/ pharmacist for advice if it persists.

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