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Do you think Memory and Concentration are also a Skill that require constant practice to hone ?

asked in Life Skills, educational psychology, pedagogy

Hiheels answers:

Yep, memory is a case of use it or lose it with the little grey cells.

Concentration's slightly more individual, something has to catch my imagination to get my full attention, others are generally more stoic and will stick with something until the bitter end.

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blacksmith81 answers:

To a certain extent these are innate, you are born with a certain level of ability.

Although, there are a number of theories and exercises, which are claimed, to be able to enhance these innate abilities.

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Very much so. I find it incredibly difficult to concentrate on something that bores me, until I can feel myself glazing over. This might account for my modest achievements in life? Men are particularly prone to popping on the old 'la, la ears' when the going gets tough or tedious. Memory is like muscle tissue it needs to be developed and worked. I have an encyclopaedic memory for things that engage me and useless anecdotes or information but cannot remember what I was doing yesterday. Listening and comprehension are skills as well. To be a teacher now you need to be like Ant and Dec in order to engage and retain the attention of nippers with zero attention spans. How they manage to feed themselves later baffles me?

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siasl74 answers:

Certainly memory is aided by constant use. I used to play bridge and had a very good short term memory due to the need to memorise an entire deck of cards to play well. When I stopped playing, I noticed a distinct drop off in my memory capability

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Maygs answers:

on average a person can only concentrate for 40mins and should have a 20min break after this, but of course this varies with factors that affect concentration: music, tv, company, even mood.

As for memory, rehearsal is the key. If you repeat an item in your head acoustically then this is said to be the way short term memories transfer to long term.

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Bubs86 answers:

With memory you do need to practice it to keep it good. Except in the instance that you are remembering something meaningful to you then you are more able to do it without constant practice. When my grandad got old he read, recited and remembered parts of the bible to keep his memory in good shape! Concentration is something that can be practiced to but TBH if you are trying to concentrate on something that bores you to death no amount of practice will keep you concentrated and interested!

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