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Why would my University be sending me a letter?
My mum just told me I have a letter that looks a bit like a wage slip (secured) at home. I won't be getting it for a few days so I'm starting to wonder what it is!

I know it's nothing bad, as I haven't done anything "wrong" lately (that I can think of!!).

I recently had to change a module, could it be something to do with confirming it? Something about my loan perhaps?

It's like a child getting a letter from the school!
asked in university

Hiheels answers:

At the risk of stating the obvious, why not get your mum to open it and tell you.

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Bubs86 answers:

It is probably confirming your contact details or a module change. Like you say you have been going to uni and doing your work and havent done anything wrong! So try not to worry about it. You will get it in the next few days!

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Messerwisser answers:

Could it be some jubilee? Then it could be an invitation, a poll about what happened then, or a suggestion to a reunion.

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