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How long does a movie have to be before the cinema inserts an interval?
I am sure that when I was a kid, most films had intervals, yet they are fairly few and far between today, even in three hour epics!

What criteria do cinemas apply to deciding when there should be an interval? Interestingly, Cineworld at Sheffield often has ten minute intervals in the middle of its Bollywood films - are they so much longer that the audience needs refreshments?
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OneFootInTheGame answers:

"In cinema houses in India, an intermission is always there, even if the film itself does not have an intermission break. Almost all films produced in India have an intermission break, the average length of a film being 2 hours 15 minutes." --Wikipedia

"Gone with the Wind" was almost as famous for its length as "Frankly, Scarlett..." "It's so long it has an intermission. Imagine!" was a common remark when I saw it in the 50's.

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