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what will happen to tv aerials after the digital switch over
will we have to keep them or give them away for recycling if they can be recycled
asked in tv, aerial, digital

OneFootInTheGame answers:

I don't know how it's being done in the UK, but in the US I have already made the switch and over the air is as sharp as cable, and free!

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beeper_spryte answers:

you keep the aerial, and either get a digital set top box to alter the signal it receives so that it can be viewed on your existing tv, or you splash out and get a new tv.

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blacksmith81 answers:

In some areas, you may need to realign your aerial, if you want digital tv now. Although some transmitters have already been switched, others are not scheduled to be switched over, until 2011.

To access transmitters already switched, you may need a different class of aerial to the one you already have. Especially if you are switching from a local, to a regional transmitter. This may also involve the re-orientation of the antenna, due to different polarisation patterns.

The link below contains more information;

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Aiming4777 answers:

They will stay on people's roofs where they are now. I think you are confused by this High. After the change to digital TV, most people will, the same as now, get their TV signals through an aerial. The only difference will be that you need a decoder box (or a "digital" TV) to separate out the different programs as many are received at once in a digital signal.

Loads of people already receive digital signals in this way from the free-view service using their existing roof-top aerials (myself included, although we also have Sky TV). As the analogue signals are turned off in each part of the country, the digital signal strength will be increased giving an even better signal quality.

Most households won’t require a new TV aerial. As a rule of thumb, if you get a good analogue signal now, you should be able to get a good signal after the switchover. As the analogue signals are turned off in each part of the country, the digital signal strength will be increased giving an even better signal quality.

If you have any doubts about the suitability of your current aerial, you can test it through analogue Teletext. This test is designed to check if your current aerial will need to be replaced or upgraded to receive digital TV through your aerial after the switchover. The test pattern is broadcast on Teletext page 284 (on BBC1, BBC2, ITV1, C4 and S4C). Ideally the screen should display a full grid of vertical/horizontal white boxes. Ignoring the top and bottom rows if there are squares missing (complete lines missing are fine) or if you currently have reception problems i.e. snowy picture or severe ghosting, then your aerial needs checked or replaced. You should carry out the test on all channels and under different weather conditions (fog, rain, fine dry weather, etc) to achieve a more accurate and objective result.

See the DigitalUK Website for full details of the digital switchover:

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reactivated answers:

i had to get new aerial for mine as existing 1`s (got 3) couldnt pick up a signal. It would have cost me more to have them resited, they are on a huge pole and heavy.

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