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Is there any help/support available for family members who are caring for the children of drug addicts?
Our family are really struggling to cope at the moment. Looking after the little one is not the problem, he is great and we would do anything for him.
His mother is the problem as are the social workers involved. His Mother only gets in contact when she wants something, usually money and my Mum can't say no. Her house is freezing and she has no food etc and my Mum feels guilty so hands over money.
Most of the time all we get is abuse from her. Social work are useless, it is so frustrating! All we hear is how well she is doing and how the little one will be back home very soon! (To a freezing house with no food?)
My Mum is at her wits end and I really want to do more to help on a practical level but I'm struggling to find out what help is out there.
She gets no financial help at all, his mother still has the family allowance and has not bought him a single thing since July.
Due to working full time, my Mum has to pay £300 per month for childcare too. She doesn't mind but I think she should be entitled to some help.

Is there any financial help available for people in this situation? Where can I get some emotional support for my Mum?

Any info would be much appreciated.
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tracieboo answers:

This site is very helpful and has lots of different organisations for people bringing up children (their own or otherwise)


I hope it's helpful :)

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