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Is membership of the NRA restricted to American citizens?
I would love to own a 'piece'but the government here in the UK wont let me? Smoothbore weapons are fairly commonplace but after owning shotguns a long time ago I fancy improving my marksmanship with rifled shooters, The only people routinely armed here are the criminals. Perhaps I could store my collection at your house in the US? Oh... and dont assume I will be voting Republican just because I like your liberal laws in some cases. (If you send the boys around from the local militia make sure they deliver the certificate of membership only)What would Michael Moore say?
asked in law, culture and society, defence

wrestlingfan420 answers:

The NRA only gives memberships out to American citizens. Sorry 'bout that my friend! I will keep yours for you if need be! Just don't expect very many people in here to share my liberal views on firearms! Here is the NRA link that tells you everything that you would want to know about the organization:


PS: Is it really illegal to own a firearm where you live?

Supplement from 10/29/2008 08:22pm:

What would Michael Moore say?

"Where the hell is the buffet"?

Supplement from 10/29/2008 09:30pm:

Is this the man that you saw on your shoulder?

If so, Sammy Hagar he is!

Supplement from 10/29/2008 09:37pm:

Here is old Uncle Ted in all of his glory!

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