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Can anyone help me with the following question?
South Yorkshire Water company is looking at ways of efficiently using our water resources and minimising the effect of lime scale. To do this they want to investigate the behaviour of water as it flows from taps. You are required to investigate the behaviour of the flow of water through a burette, by measuring the depth of water that flows down at a number of time intervals.
(a) State any errors that may occur in the experiment.
asked in physics, maths

siasl74 answers:

Unfortunately we don't have the equipment necessary to perform this classroom experiiment or homework assignment.

I'd imagine that measurement error is one of the issues you'll have to deal with

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PARRY22 answers:

I assume that the idea is that deposits of limescale over time will restrict the flow of water (and thus a one second flow of water will produce different amounts.
Timing one second accurately would be important and a sourde of error.
Measuring the amount of water accurately would be importamt. A burette contains only a small amount of water. An accurate measurement would be a small amount.
Maybe you are filling the burette completely each time and seeing how much water it will hold after it is left with water in it for some time. If these measurements differ it could be that limescale has been deposited in the tube.
An error could be caused by the flushing effect of emptying the burette each time.
You have not detailed the experiment you are using but each time the error that could occur is to do with accuracy of measurement.

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