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Can anyone help me on the following data question?
Review all the data you have collected in the past. Using the data as examples, state the advantages and disadvantages in the way these data can be recorded and displayed. [Hint: For example, which is more appropriate: a bar chart or a pie chart, a scatter graph or a pie chart, and give reasons- these all linked to actual data) Similarly, look at the way you actually collected the data (recorded) could it have been different using other methods.
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seacommander answers:

No I don't think anybody can help you because the question you have been set clearly states that we review the data you have collected. As we don't have access to those data I don't see how we can help. The type of chart, graph etc used will depend on the nature of the data.

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funrunna answers:

I am with Seacommander on this.

You do seem to require the pros and cons for the "presentation" of your data and as said, we don't have the data.

Supplement from 11/01/2008 12:02am:

Perhaps you could add a supplement?

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