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what rights does the common law wife have with council houseing once partner dies
she lived with partner in his council flat for 3 yrs now he has died what rights dose she have in keeping there home even though she does not have her name on the rent book
asked in law and legal, council housing

rasputin1309 answers:

The law does not recognise any concept of "common law wife" - the Council may have somewhat different priorities - if she can prove hardship if evicted etc then she may be looked upon favourably. I would guess though that she would have to apply to the council in much the same way as anyone else would and then they would make an assessment of her need and decide whether she gets a council property on that basis. If she wanted legal rights then they should have got married

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Topaz2308 answers:

She would need to speak to the Citizen Advice Bureau as it will be very complicated since it is council house as there are strict rules and guidelines they adhere too.

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sheps101 answers:

In my area at least as she had been declared lived there 3 years she would automatically gain the lease, assuming she had incurred no debs in relations to the property. Saying that they are normally reasonable and you would still get the lease as long as you agreed to make arrangements to pay the debt.

So best advice is ask you council directly and they will keep you right

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beeper_spryte answers:
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