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Best unversity to study maths other than "C.O.W.I."
Every body knows Cambridge, Oxford, Warwick and Imperial "COWI" are the top maths departments in the UK. If you can't get three As and a STEP paper which are the next best? Is there much differences in the courses at Bath, Bristol, Manchester, Nottingham etc
asked in education, maths

siasl74 answers:

You'll have to look at the prospectuses from those uni's to work out the differences. It'll vary from year to year.

Manchester is certainly a good one - I did my maths degree at UMIST before it got reabsorbed back into Manchester Uni.

It's also a good student city

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Billlion answers:

There is a website with some information you might find helpful http://www.maths.manchester.ac.uk/~bl/maths_league/uk-maths-league-tables.html here comparing maths departments. Eg Manchester is biggest and publishes the most research papers, Bristol has the biggest research grant income. But when it comes down to courses it is harder to say. I expect bigger departments have more options choices. But as siasl74 says a careful look at the prospectuses is the thing to do, once you have narrowed it down to these few.

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cyracles answers:

Strythclyde has a very good mathematics department. But Manchester is reputable and more advisable.

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