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How do members feel about how children in England will all have to take part in the Contactpoint and eCAF programmes/data base due to be rolled out in England in Jan 2008?

Supplement from 11/02/2008 05:41pm:
sorry I meant 2009 not 2008

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blacksmith81 answers:

There are still doubts about the security of the Contactpoint database;


Supplement from 11/02/2008 07:07pm:

I have always considered the bespoke applications, favoured by this country's government, to be a waste of taxpayers money.

They always remind me of an Aero® bar. Not many holes visible on the outside, however, when you snap it in half, its full of them. In fact, if it weren't for the holes, the whole thing would collapse.

Supplement from 11/02/2008 11:24pm:

Haven't we heard this somewhere before;


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wumpus answers:

I hate the very concept behind it.

Yes, I'm sure they'll try to justify it by saying it's to fight crime.

But surely every child in the country is already registered anyway, so why do they need anything new?

Seems to me that it's more likely an attempt to get the national database they've always wanted but could never justify on anything more than the most tenacious of arguments.

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Aiming4777 answers:

I have no objections at all. My only concern is that, like most massive government computer systems, it will probably keep falling over. In my opinion, everyone should be chipped at birth so there is no doubt about identity (and location).

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johncurrandavis answers:

I don't like it. If every 'practitioner' has access to every other practitioner's information regarding an individual, then is that individual not totally 'owned' by - - if not the state, then at least the 'professional class'..? What rights does the individual have when 'police services' can conspire with 'medical services' against him/her? What conduct will be seen as appropriate or inappropriate, how long will it be before an utter explosion of knowledge about a person takes place when the walls inevitably break down between this 'social project' and more commercial interests. And isn't the next (or even THIS) stage, that all individuals are controlled by the state, at least inasmuch as their right to access the benefits of living in the state? Even if we COULD trust the people who are bringing it in, what sort of power are they be bequeathing to others, as yet unknown, who might come into power in the future? What do you think Hitler would make of it?

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Theminxy1 answers:

Hate it hate it hate it!!!! If a child commits a crime, we record it. That's fair enough... But why do we need to keep tabs on children who have done nothing ? WHAT ABOUT OUR/THEIR PRIVACY AND FREEDOM ?

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