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What can i do if i'm not happy with the surveyors report on the house?
3 months after moving into our house we discovered that the roof that the surveyor said was fine, was actually leaking through to one of the bedrooms through the light fixture, causing a week long blackout (though it could have been much more serious). We also found out that what the surveyor said was the cold water tank was in fact the central heating expansion tank and the cold water tank was in a different part of the house and is made of concrete asbestos. Several other things that the surveyor wrote in his report are different to reality but these are the most serious.
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beeper_spryte answers:

i'd be speaking to my solicitor, the sale of a house is very much dependant on the survey - what he wrote in his report was misleading, perhaps intentionally perhaps just incompetently - either way there has to be some recompense.

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goth-girl1 answers:

beeper is right see a solicitor
looks like you have been done as i think alot of people will be now that the seller has to get the reports done
always get your own as well in future

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robinsamuels answers:

A lot will depend on the type of survey you had.

When I used to work for one of the banks, there were 3 types of survey. The basic mortgage valuation, a home-buyers report and a full structural survey. We had to make it clear to applicants that the minimum needed was a mortgage valuation, but only a full structural survey was guaranteed. The home-buyers report was far more in depth, but no where near as accurate as a full structural and only really done for their peace of mind.

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