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When deciding who is the most likely to win a sporting competition what do you take into consideration? For example how would you decide which horse will be the winner in a race? Try tomorrow's Melbourne Cup to see if your method is any good.
Here Are Your 24 Melbourne Cup Runners

All's set for Tuesday's $5.5-million Melbourne Cup as the Victoria Racing Club named the runners for Australia's biggest racing event after the last race on Victoria Derby Day, November 1, in Melbourne.

The official list of Melbourne Cup runners follows:

1. Septimus
2. Master O'reilly
3. Honolulu
4. C'est La Guerre
5. Nom Du Jeu
6. Yellowstone
7. Zipping
8. Mad Rush
9. Ice Chariot
10. Viewed
11. Littorio
12. Bauer
13. Boundless
14. Gallopin
15. Guyno
16. Zarita
17. Newport
18. Profound Beauty
19. Red Lord
20. Varevees
21. Prize Lady
22. Alessandro Volta
23. Barbaricus
24. Moatize

http://goaustralia.about.com/b/20 08/11/01/here-are-your-24-melbour ne-cup-runners... copy
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wumpus answers:

You'd need to look at previous form, on particular types of ground.
Then compare this against the ground type on the day.

Then look at the previous history of the riders, plus any handicaps they might be carrying.

You could also look at the odds being offered at the bookies.
Lower odds means that "those in the know" believe that horse is going to do well.

Or you could just offer a big bribe to certain riders, or nobble certain horses....

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tracieboo answers:

I am a typical woman and i'm afriad i just go by the name....
I would pick no,22 Alessandro Volta, no,18 Profound beauty and no,8 Mad rush.
No reason apart from the names for my choices.

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