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Do we really need to save water in Yorkshire?
My five year old daughter tells me to turn off the tap whilst I am brushing my teeth to save water.

Do I really need to save water, when our local reservoirs are full to overflowing? My colleague says that I should look at the global picture, but in reality, our spare Yorkshire water is not going to be piped to a drought-stricken country, and once the reservoirs are full, any extra water will just drain away naturally.

Why should I be worried about saving water at this moment in time? I can understand why you should in the summer months, perhaps, when the water levels fall slightly, but in winter? Should I enjoy my deeply indulgent baths, or should I feel guilty if I have anything other than a two minute shower each day?
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wumpus answers:

It not just the water, it's the energy and chemicals expended in making it fit to drink.

You really wouldn't want to dring the water direct from Derwent or Ladybower reservoirs, would you?

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seacommander answers:

I presume if you are not on a meter then there is little incentive to save water when there is plenty around. However, as wumpus says there are other considerations to be taken into account. Also from your point of view would it not be a good idea to save on the use of hot water - you mention deep baths; you are paying for the energy to heat that water. Yet another factor is that any water that goes down your sink, baths, showers, washbasins, WC's etc has to be treated at a sewage works. So once again increases in the quantity of water that these plants need to process will inevitably increase the overall cost of waste water treatment which will be reflected in your bills.

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Funnydwarf answers:

Ditto the above two answers (excellent). I hope you don't mind but I will rant a bit here on the subject of saving water - it is essential. The more you use as stated above the more goes into the sewage treatment plants and that water you are getting back in your tap!! Don't think for a minute that you do not get recycled water because the reservoirs are full. I live in a country where they consider they have enough to sell abroad, but it is a fact that we never get 'fresh' water for consumption. I have been told that UK has the best quality recycled water presently. Enjoy it, but please try and use as little as necessary!!

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