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are fireworks a risk to aircraft?
especialy very close to an airport. are there any firework restrictions in regards to airports. i ask because there seem to be alot going off close to stansted and the planes come in very very low.

does this worry anyone?
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vultan answers:

Looks like they are, and looks like airports do issue warnings to people not to set off rockets too close to airports.


I suspect that big aircraft aren;t in danger of being structurally damaged, but there is a danger of pilots being distracted


Smaller planes and helicopters could be in greater danger from rockets, I guess. I've never worried about it, mainly because I don't live near an airport.

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Topaz2308 answers:

I know Manchester airport has restrictions within a mile radius and then you are only to have small fireworks and definitely no rockets. Not all though set such restrictions though and I think it is down to the individual airport rather than a law for all areas surrounding them.

Supplement from 11/04/2008 08:35pm:

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funrunna answers:

Can't say I'd like to fly a helicopter into one... Rotor balancing is a science!

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duffield1 answers:

I recently had to seek approval from the Civil Aviation Authority to put a searchlight onto a building that was about eight miles from the airport - you don't have to get this approval if you are further than 5 km away, but it is just an additional safety message that the CAA can send out to planes.

The same forms are in use for firework displays - essentially, the biggest areas of concern are the 5km immediately around the airport, then a further 5km either way following the line of the runway.

Realistically, most domestic fireworks (even the ones requiring a 25ft clearance area) burst so low in the sky, that the risks to aircraft are absolutely tiny. The biggest risks come from commercial displays, where the fireworks shoot hundreds of feet into the air, but organisers will usually consult the CAA prior to displays for approval, if necessary.

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