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What happened in a tunnel of love?
Old films about fairgrounds always have a 'tunnel of love' - what went on it them? Were they full of models of people schmoozing, with appropriate sound effects, like a more gentle ghost train? Or were they just a dark place where you could try and put your hand up her skirt? Or something else?
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Topaz2308 answers:

There was soft lighting, romantic music and was a chance to have a kiss and a cuddle whilst being propelled slowly and encapsulated in a haven of love.

Only rude minds tried the hand up the skirt and hopefully got a subsequent slap for their effort.

Supplement from 11/05/2008 05:40pm:

Forgot to add they were dimly lit to add to the ambience.

Supplement from 11/05/2008 05:43pm:

Even Wiki professes the same it is all about the love.


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jacquesdor answers:

It was a different world There were courting couples who were never left alone for fear of being spoiled before marriage. There was the back seat at the cinema where a bit of kissing and cuddling could take place in the dark -until the usherette shone her torch on them.
Then there was the tunnel oflove - the most romantic situation you could imagine. A lot of cuddling, even some kissing , but no tongues because we all knew you could get a baby that way. Anyone sliding a hand up to a stocking top was sure to have had his face slapped.
Oh those dear lost days of innocence, where did they go?

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