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if i want to display a notice in public (on a public notice board) is there a l;egal requirement to display it in other languages other than english
a link to answer would be helpful
Supplement from 11/06/2008 01:58pm:
ok just got a email from a member of the council at last to clarify what needs to happen
so i will post the contents
no there is no legal requirements but the is a need to offer it in different languages if the request is made and this is for all public notifications

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Hiheels answers:

No there isn't.
I haven't got a link, only personal experience in that we have to display notices for the public on a fairly regular basis and there is no requirement for any language other than English.

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seacommander answers:

As Hiheels says, there is no legal requirement. Depending on the mix of nationalities where you intend to display the poster, it may be advantageous to have some produced in appropriate languages to increase the level of publicity.

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robinsamuels answers:

There may be.

It all depends on what your notice is about. If it relating to something where there may be some advantage to any person answering your notice, then, if there is an ethnic minority making up any reasonable percentage of the local population, failing to make the notice readable to them could constitute racial discrimination.

This is the basis on which job advertisers have to be very careful about which newspapers they place ads with. If they were to place an ad in a place where a minority were u likely to see it, they could fall foul of employment law. On this basis, I would also suggest you think carefully about the areas in which you display your notice.

Finally, if you are in Wales, you may need to display the notice in Welsh, again depending on the nature of the notice's contents.

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