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Why do cats not eat moles?
Yet another cat question! My cat and also the neihbour's cat have both found moles but neither have eaten the moles - just played with them. My cat, I know eats mice. What makes the mole different?
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Messerwisser answers:

They do not taste as good.

Supplement from 11/07/2008 03:41pm:

Some of these small animals protect themselves by having a special smell or taste that is repulsive to their predators.
Like the common shrew.

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Maygs answers:

Probably too big and seen as more of an equal creature rather than a meal.

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cryptminder answers:

They may smell wrong to them. My cat catches mice , mostly the field mouse and birds but never eats them, always brings them home.

According to this site cats do eat moles.http://cats.lovetoknow.com/Cat_Health_Not_Eating

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