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How do animal rights activists feel about.....
stepping on roaches and ants and other undesirable non-pet type animals? Same or different than maybe say the clubbing of baby seals or the slaughter of a school of dolphins? I know that this may not be a fair comparison and may be a tad excessive in it's presentation, but since these people are so fervent in their beliefs, where do they draw the line for being outraged?
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reactivated answers:

They dont W.F.
Even when it comes to Stores who sell crickets,locusts etc.
Not long come back from warehouse to pick up live food and already manager had complaints about him selling locust,live foods etc (we have changed suppliers.) so now he sells them out of eyeshot of people who get on their high horses.
I know 1 shop (they dont sell reps or animals.) these Morons glued his shop locks all because he had pet budgies in his shop, they were not up for sale. They call themselves animal lovers etc, but yet stopped this shop owner for getting into his shop. What would have happened if he couldnt get into shop at all. those birds would have suffered. Our shop, we for 2 weeks, tape up the letter box run up to firework night and after as we know they will put fireworks into letter box.
(wonder how many of them swat flies or wasps.)

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