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Do you think we all have one true love?
I find it amusing when people are all consumed with their current partner and after a small period of time leave them and find someone new and again start claiming "The One"
Supplement from 11/07/2008 04:36pm:
If yes/no, why?

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beeper_spryte answers:


Supplement from 11/07/2008 05:05pm:

because people change... reasons change, feelings change, love is an ephemeral thing. long-term love is rare, and it's never the same at age 70 as it was age 20.

i don't think there is an absolute "one".

well, mebbe "one" for mondays, "one" for tuesdays......

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tracieboo answers:

nope, no such thing. you can love someone with all your heart, but that doesn't mean you will love them forever or that you can't love anyone else.

if it was true, what would happen if you never met them?

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seacommander answers:

I don't believe that there is one answer to suit everybody. Speaking from personal experience I do only have one true love (also my first true love - I had been in love before but this love feels like nothing I have ever felt before). I found this love later in life than I expected but it has grown over a period of many years and continues to do so; there will never be anybody else who could ever take her place. I wasn't consciously looking for anybody at the time - I was just hit by this 'bolt out of the blue'.

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hellis852 answers:

Yes I believe there can be the One. I met mine when I was 30yrs old I had other affairs been married but I just knew. Unfortunatley it did not last more than 4yrs. I have never met anyone before or since that gave me so much love never got tired of being in his company. Just that I had children from a marriage and they coming up to be teenagers and so it had to end they had to come first. Will never forget him There is never a day goes by without I think of him.

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LauLau answers:

Yes I believe that there is someone made just for you out there...It's true that people change,Circumstances change and life at times can get hard no doubt relationships, but the trick is to carry on loving them regardless of that, as the army motto says 'improvise adapt and overcome!' haha.

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suehayes answers:

When I think of the term soul mates it conjures up the feeling of being at utter ease with people; not only sexual partners but friends & family too.

I think everyone has met someone they immediately feel completely comfortable with, no matter what they say or do you know you’ll be friends (circumstances allowing), hopefully, for the rest of your lives.

I’ve never met a member of the opposite sex & felt an instant & secure bond as I have with friends but I like to remain open minded.

Therefore, I’d say it’s possible that we have a soul mate out there somewhere.

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Leadfoot answers:

We all fall in love more than once... until we discover the meaning of true love, and once we realize the meaning of true love, we do not fall in love there after.

So... Yes, we all have only one true love plus we all have different needs! We may feed those needs (going out with most beautiful/handsome woman/man, dating more than one girl/guy simultaneously) and try to convincing ourself that this current partner is the true love I was seeking for. But the spot of true love can only be filled not replaced.

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