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What is the oldest film that can be found on youtube or another video website? I have seen some footage from the 1890s but can’t remember the name of the film.

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Aiming4777 answers:

These must qualify as they are two of the oldest films known to exit. “Exiting the Factory" was the first film made by the Lumière Brothers and “Arrival of a Train at La Ciotat” is probably one of their most famous … when this was shown to an audience, people were reported to have fainted as the train came into shot because it was so realistic! Both were made in 1895.
Amazingly, there are actually short “out-takes” of “Exiting the Factory” where the people fail to come out on cue.

Supplement from 11/09/2008 11:08pm:

* known to exist

Supplement from 11/09/2008 11:18pm:

I found a couple from 1888. “Roundhay Garden Scene” is claimed by IMDB to be the oldest film. “Traffic Crossing Leeds Bridge” was made the same year. Both are by Louis Aimé Augustin Le Prince


If you search in IMDB for the year 1989, there are several films listed , other than the two I gave previously … you could try searching for these in YouTube.

Supplement from 11/09/2008 11:23pm:

* completely fluffed that last bit too. I meant "... search in IMDB for the years 1889 to 1894, there ..."

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