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Which of Shakespeare's plays have been made into films? How many different languages are those films in?

Supplement from 11/12/2008 10:44am:
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imfeduptoo answers:

I've found 31 of Shakespeare's plays that were made into films but I would imagine almost all of them could have been. And many films were based on his plays but have different titles.
Can't find any information on any others.

As for how many languages the films have been translated into - I can't find this information, but I would imagine all of them could have been translated into various numbers of different languages so I'm afraid I can only half answer the question.

1.The Two Gentleman of Verona
2.The Taming of the Shrew (1967; dir. F. Zeffirelli; perf. Elizabeth 3.Taylor, Richard Burton)
4.Titus Andronicus (1999; dir. Christopher Dunne; perf. Robert Reece, Candy Sweet)
5.Henry VI, part 1 (BBC; perf Peter Benson, Trevor Peacock)
6.Henry VI, part 2 (BBC; perf Peter Benson, Julia Foster)
7.Henry VI, part 3 (BBC; perf Peter Benson,Julia Foster)
8.Richard III (1955; dir. Laurence Olivier; perf. Olivier, John Gielgud, Ralph Richardson)
9.The Comedy of Errors
10.Love's Labours Lost (2000; dir. & perf. Kenneth Branagh)
11.A Midsummer Night's Dream (1999; dir. Michael Hoffman; perf. Michelle Pfeiffer, Kevin Kline, Rupert Everett, Calista Flockhart)
12.Romeo and Juliet (1994; dir. Alan Horrox)
13.Richard II (1982; perf. David Birney, Paul Shenar; in "The Plays of William Shakespeare" series)
14.King John
15.The Merchant of Venice (2004; dir. Michael Radford; perf. Al Pacino, Jeremy Irons, Lynn Collins, Joseph Fiennes)
16.Henry IV, Part 1 (1990; dir. Michael Bogdanov, Michael Pennington)
17.Henry IV, Part 2 (1990; dir. Michael Bogdanov, Michael Pennington)
18,The Merry Wives of Windsor
19.Much Ado About Nothing (1993; dir. Kenneth Branagh; perf. Branagh, Emma Thompson)
20.Henry V (1995; dir. and perf. Kenneth Branagh; perf. Emma Thompson )
21.Julius Caesar (1970; dir. Stuart Burge; perf. Charlton Heston, Jason Robards, John Gielgud, Diana Rigg)
22.As You Like It (2007; dir. and perf. Kenneth Branagh; perf. Bryce Dallas Howard, David Oyelowo, Alfred Molina, Kevin Kline)

23.Hamlet (1996; dir. and perf. Branagh; perf. Branagh, Derek Jacobi)
A Midwinter's Tale (1996; dir. and perf. Branagh; perf. Richard Briers, Michael Maloney)
24.Twelfth Night (1996; dir. Trevor Nunn; perf. Helena Bonham Carter, Ben Kingsley)
25.Othello (1994; perf. Laurence , Kenneth Branagh, IreneJacob)
All's Well that Ends Well (1968; dir. John Barton and Claude Watham)
26.King Lear (2003; dir. Brian Blessed; perf. Brian Blessed, Hildegard Neil)

27.Macbeth (1996; dir. Brian Blessed, Jeremy Freeston; perf. Helen Baxandale, Jason Connery)
28.Antony and Cleopatra (1983; perf. Timothy Dalton, Lynn Redgrave; in "The Plays of William Shakespeare" series)
Coriolanus (dir. Steve Berkhoff; perf. Steve Berkhoff)
29.The Winter's Tale (1998; dir. Gregory Duran, Robin Lough; perf. Anthony Sher, Ken Bones, Alexandra Gilbraith)
30.The Tempest (1998; dir Jack Bender; perf. Peter Fonda)
31. Henry VIII

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