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Which aspects of employment are covered by the law.
Can anyone break this down in to what it means.
asked in law, employment

siasl74 answers:

The BBC has a good set of guides:

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duffield1 answers:

Wow, that's a big question. Realistically, nowadays in the UK, every aspect of employment is covered by law from:
- Recruitment (obligation not to be racist, sexist, ageist or discriminate against disabilities)
- Sorting out contracts (everyone has a right to a written contract)
- Conducting a proper induction process, including health & safety talk (no-one should literally be chucked in at the deep end, now)
- holiday and break entitlement
- sick leave entitlement
- maternity and paternity leave
- harrassment policies
- liaibility for professional advice given
- Disciplinary policies, including dismissal procedures

The list really is endless! For more info, try the Federation of Private Businesses for advice: www.fpb.org

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