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What is your understanding of the impact of the Connexions Strategy and services on young people, other organisations and society
serious replies very welcomed
asked in education, youth work, young people

Leohuberh answers:

The majority stated that the accreditation of prior learning and experience is essential for the credibility and development of the new profession and that in the long term the development of qualifications and accreditation should be linked to the existing National Occupational Standards of a number of partner organisations. Others stated that they agreed with the structure of the Training Framework shown in Annex A of the consultation document and agreed with the required skills and suggested themes identified in the Foundation Programme. However, respondents suggest a wide range of additional skills and themes.

Many supported the introduction of a bridging route for Learning Mentors, although some stated that all potential personal advisers should be treated equally and questioned why Learning Mentors should be singled out in this way.
Connexions strategy will only work if it is part of a coherent, well supported network of provision for young people, which includes, for example, the best provision youth and community services, social work, probation and schools can provide.


Supplement from 11/14/2008 11:04am:

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