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Why won't my stupid dog keep himself dry?
We've bought him a shed to use as a kennel, which he does when it's dry. But, when it rains he lies in the drive or on the mud.

It's driving us mad, can you imagine how long it takes to wash and dry a 70kg St Bernard?
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Hiheels answers:

It's been quite mild - he might be keeping himself cool.

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babmcg answers:

it maybe that you are keeping him too clean' all animals need a certain amount of natural dirt to keep them going or it maybe that he is doing it because he's knows that it annoys you' dogs are like kids' if they know something is annoying you they will just keep doing it' try not to let him see that it is bothering you and see what happens'

good luck
[ps i know how you feel as we have two off them]

Supplement from 11/17/2008 10:41pm:

that's the best thing to do' if he know's that he is to stop outside as he's dirty he might think before doing it again'
my dogs are so funny sometimes' if they know they have done something wrong' they both snuggle up together and try hide!!!!!!

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xoloriib answers:

Most animals react to their environment. Think mostly that they do what is natural to them. I would suggest that there is something wrong with the shed which you expect him to use as a kennel. It could be that it leaks or it has a bad odour to it. Dogs senses of smell and hearing are much better than most humans - maybe he doesn't like the sound of the rain on the roof. From your picture I would suggest that you try opening the upper part of the door as well as the lower part : it's probably acting like a sub-woofer while it is closed - very unpleasant for a dog.

Remember also that a dog's intelligence level is similar to that of a child and as such there will be similar behaviour and similar solutions.

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imfeduptoo answers:

I's inconvenient for you to have to keep grooming your dog, but St Bernards are working dogs and were bred, among other things, to search for missing people in the snow - that's the environment they like.
They have a very thick coat and they like rain as it cools them.
He wouldn't lie in the rain if he felt uncomforable so if you want to be really kind to him let him carry on even though it means you have to keep bathing him.
I know what it's like - I used to have Newfoundlands and they love nothing more than to be out in the rain or snow.

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wumpus answers:

Could be it's been treated with some sort of wood preserver, and he doesn't like the smell. This should fade with time.
To assist, maybe you could try putting his favourite rug or cushion inside, so that his smell becomes associated with the kennel.

That said....

Dogs like to lie where they get a good view of whatever is going on.

That's why they so often lie in/across doorways; it allows them to monitor exactly who goes in and out, and lets them see the rooms on both sides of the doorway.

You might find it easier to get him to lie under a "car port" style kennel - just a roof, no sides where they might obstruct his view.

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