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One man's meat is another man's poison, so the saying goes. In a like manner one man's myth is another man's belief. What do you consider myth and what do you consider belief? This is an opinion question : there can be no right or wrong answers : only ...
... the best presented, written and interesting will achieve top answer.
asked in opinion, myth, belief

seacommander answers:

An old chestnut this one.
It’s a myth that democracy is a cornerstone of our western culture. My belief is that those voted into power will do what they want and not necessarily what they said or the majority elected them to do. As an example – yesterday’s decision by and expert committee not to support presumed consent for organ donation appears to have been ignored by Gordon Brown who said that a change in the law cannot be ruled out ie to implement presumed consent.


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Leadfoot answers:

- Myths ARE:
Mythos in Gk = "story". A myth is "a narrative presentation of the divine, timeless pattern to which life shapes itself".

- Myths are not:
a. A false story or notion.
b. Childish or primitive fables.
c. Proto-science or pseudo-science, as if they are trying to do what science does.

- Belief is phenomenon which is self-experienced.

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imfeduptoo answers:

I believe in what I know to be true from experience and common sense; a myth is, to my mind, someone else's false belief which has been brought about by inept attempts to explain the unknown or is the result of flawed philosophy.

Some accepted scientific theories of the present day could in the same way be flawed and, in the future, become regarded as myths.

The Greeks and the Romans had beliefs which we now call myths, but in their time they represented the accepted 'truth'.

In my mind, rightly or wrongly, most religions, being unproved or a false collective belief, are myths.

I completely believe only in what I have personally experienced.

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