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my son has just started junior school and he has been kept in twice t do lines because he left his homework at home
is it legal for a teacher to keep a 7 yr old child in at dinner time to do lines because he forgot his homework
asked in education

duffield1 answers:

Yes. One of the points of kids having homework to do is so that they can learn to be more responsible - and remembering to take their homework into school is a great way of starting to do this!

As long as your child has ample time to eat their lunch, there is no problem with a teacher using playtime as a reward - and withdrawing the right to playtime as a punishment.

Now, as a parent, if I were in your shoes, I'd be complaining to the school - not because they kept him in (that seems perfectly reasonable to me) but because lines are a complete waste of time. Rather than doing lines, he should be doing some other work - redoing his homework would seem like a logical idea to prove that he has understood the homework, or doing something else useful.

Lines - like the alternative punishment of colouring in alternate squares on graph paper - achieve very little. He should at least get some educational value out of his punishment.

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Bubs86 answers:

I would say you dont have any room to complain. As your child is only 7 years old it is still your responsibility to ensure they take everything to school with them that then need including any homework, PE kit etc.

I would suggest sitting your son down when he gets home from school, supervising the homework then packing it in his bag for him. That way you know he wont be kept in at lunchtime.

The teacher has every right to keep your child in and if the problem continues they may start keeping him behind after school. Homework is an integral part of education and if they believe he is not doing it at home, they have the right to keep him behind after school to complete it then!

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Maygs answers:

Yes they do, and they have the legal right to keep him after scholl for upto an hour.

The real question should be why is he "forgetting" his homework? The teacher is not out of line here, they hear excuse after excuse from children who have not done their work so it is hard to judge the real reasons. If your son is young, why are you as the parent not making sure he has his homework with him?

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LauLau answers:

Just playing devils advocate here, If he's your son and you don't agree with it then I would say something, Not everyone has the same views on homework for children this young.. you could say 'isn't this why they go to school to get work done rather than bringing it home? seems like in some ways you could be doing the teachers job for them'as Duffield says above..making him repeat lines is acheiving nothing and you should definately question why this is the choosen punishment for him, Children are under so much pressure now a days! not saying that I agree with kids not doing homework, but this is the attitude of many other people.

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