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French 'Tribunal de Grande Instance' judgements. Are they valid for enforcement in UK?

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Aiming4777 answers:

It depends on the type of case and the extent of the judgement made. The French 'Tribunal de Grande Instance' makes judgements in civil and commercial matters. Under EU Legislation, any person living in a member state may be sued in the courts of another state but only by virtue of the rules set out by the EC EFTA Convention at Lugano in 1988.

Generally, this convention covers the enforcement of all judgements in civil and commercial matters whatever the nature of the court or tribunal. However, it does not extend, in particular, to revenue, customs or administrative matters. Also, it does not usually apply matters concerning matrimonial relationships, wills and succession, bankruptcy, social security and arbitration.

The full scope of each type of judgement is found in Section 2 onwards of the convention. Follow the link below:

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