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Should I be worried about High Platlet count in pregnancy?
My midwife said not to worry but it is very hard not to, I have another blood test due soon.
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Hiheels answers:

Hehehe, you've been here long enough now to know what answers you're going to get to this...it involves doctors and lack of medical knowledge here.

If the midwife says not to worry I assume it can't be that bad.

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jacquesdor answers:

I am sure you will worry, pregnancy is like that, you would also worry if you had hiccups!
Your midwife is a highly trained professional, if she tells you it is nothing to worry about, chances are it really is nothing to worry about.
It might help you , if next time you see her, you ask her to explain in more detail what platelets are and how to they increase? Just so you understand more, knowledge is power and all that.
You are going to fret yourself into a shadow if you go on like this - calm down, enjoy the wonderful experience of pregnancy, remember how good nature is at taking care of everything to do with life.
I haven´t added anything to Ms heels´answer, so mark me unhelpful, maybe this should have been a comment.

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blacksmith81 answers:

I know you are very concerned by this, but be reassured by the fact that your count doesn't have your midwife concerned.

Some increase in your platelet count is to be expected in pregnancy, as your bloodstream has to carry Oxygen for 2, yourself and your baby.

Any risk factors are directly proportional to this count, as your midwife is not unduly concerned, this would suggest that your count is not that high.

You may, in due course receive an appointment with a Haematologist, who will assess your situation. In the meantime, feel free to discuss this situation with your GP, after all that's why they're there.

There are many mothers, who have had elevated Platelet Counts, that have given birth without any problems at all.

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