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Compare and contrast any two of the psychological perspectives listed below in terms of their explanations of criminal behaviour (similarities and differences)?
The psychological perspectives or theories you can choose from are:
1) Biological – Raine and Lombroso
2) Social – Social Learning Theory
3) Cognitive – Hostile Attribution and Moral Development
4) Body Type Theory
5) Eysenck’s Personality Theory
6) Schizophrenia or Psychopathy
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siasl74 answers:

Let me see, how can I do your essay assignment for you?

Pick two you know about, look them up in a book and compare the aspects of them and how they can explain certain aspects of criminal motives.

E.g. body type theory probably says stuff along the lines of "if you are of a certain body type, you might have a particular motives for something", whereas social learning theory might state that the criminal is the product of their environment (and I made that up, so if it's right I'm a genius).

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