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trade in boat
I trade in a boat as a down payment for Toy Hauler. The dealer found out there was something wrong with the engine and can only sell for $3000 dollars less that what they gave me as down payment. Can they take me to court to pay for the deferrence
asked in law and legal

blacksmith81 answers:

I would doubt it, it all depends on the contract of purchase for your RV. Normally, if the dealer made a mistake in assessing the value of any item offered in part-exchange, that is the dealers problem, not yours.

Read any documentation you signed CAREFULLY, to discover the extent of any liabilities that you undertook, if necessary have a lawyer look them over as well.

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wumpus answers:

Anybody can take anybody else to court at any time.

What matters is how likely you are to win the case.

I think you would; I believe that caveat emptor would apply.
A dealer should have spotted problems before buying.

He would also have to present you (and the court) with evidence of the engine problem, which is a bit difficult if he's already done the work, or has dismantled the engine to diagnose it.

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