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How long can a person prove rape with DNA?
Say someone accuses someone else of rape 3 weeks after it supposedly happened, and there was a condem used. This was NEVER reported as a rape until this girl got into trouble with the law andspouted off with this trying to get out of trouble. It is now 4and a half weeks later and still no rape kit has been done.Does the person need to worry? And can they even find DNA after all this time on the alleged victim? What if she has had sex with someone else since?
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high1971 answers:

if a condom was used then it would be doubtful if any internal dna could be fount
but yes it is still possible to prove rape with the clock method but this would not give you the rapist just the fact the person had been raped
but this method does have a time line and that mainly depends on the persons healing time

but if the condon had been kept very cool or frozen then the dna would be available for years to come
but with a condom this would not prove that the act of rape had taken place on its own
a condom needs the clock method aswell neither are that useful on their own
but under normal time frame 3 weeks would be way to long a time frame for this as seamen can not live outside the host male body for more than 3-7 days that is why they normally swab within 48hrs for a good result

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blacksmith81 answers:

A rape evidence kit, would be unlikely to recover any evidence at all, after this sort of time-lapse. Thus it would be useless, there is also unlikely to be any evidence of Vaginal Trauma either. As a condom was alleged to have been used, there is a likelihood that there was little chance of any evidence being present in the first place, or certainly without the actual condom itself.

For an understanding of current Forensic Science see the link below;

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