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ive been in a relationship for about 3 weeks am i stupid for falling inlove with him so quickly or should i of stayed single as i am addicted to sex and in the long term he might get bored

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imfeduptoo answers:

It can be a problem if people have very different sex drives, perhaps you should talk to your partner about this and see how he feels.

If you are addicted to sex it could be difficult to know if you are in love with him as a person or in love with the feelings he givs you sxually.

Three weeks is a very short time to decide if you want to spend the rest of your life with your partner, so maybe you ought to just enjoy the relationship at the moment, don't worry about it, and see how it works out over time.

If you do find there is a problm between you about this, talk to each other to try to resolve it.

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Trust me! A lack of sex leads to boredom. If you desire each other and you enjoy each others company get on with it! Desire ,companionship, friendship and shared interests or ambitions, If you have these in common you have 99 per cent of the ingredients for success. If yo feel like you going to be unable to keep your pants on with other guys you should tell your cureent squeeze. He will thank you for it in the long run rather than six months down the line when he finds out the hard way. lust and infatuation fade and they will leave you lonely, selfish, conceited, and shallow if you put them at the centre of your happiness

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robinsamuels answers:

If you've fallen in love with the sex, then this may cause you problems.

But, I knew that I had fallen for my wife within days of meeting her. I told her I was in love after a couple of weeks, which shocked the hell out of her. But, we've never regretted the decisions we've made. I was right!

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Leadfoot answers:

As far as falling in love is concerned, it might not even require 3 weeks to fall in love with a person, so its normal to fall in love in 3 weeks and I don’t think you are stupid about it.

And sex is essential part of life; as long as his needs are fulfilled by you and he is feeling satisfied about it - he should not get bored in long term relationship with you. But it can not be generalized as different men have different perspective about love and sex, generally men welcome sex despite of really falling in love. And as you have mentioned that you are in love with him then you got to be just aware about his way of thinking, this is just to make sure that at the end neither of you are hurt.

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