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How do I go about claiming the costs involved in having my dog as a guard dog?
I know a few people who claim their dog as a business expense, because they work from home and it guards the property while they are out.

How do I do this? I don't use an accountant to do my tax returns and it's not worth getting one just for this!
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Aiming4777 answers:

The relief for a guard dog is available as a deduction from profits. A guard dog is considered as “plant and machinery” for the purposes of taxation so you can claim relief on a dog’s “running costs” such as food stating it's a guard dog. As you would expect, any bone of contention from HMRC will be whether the expenditure was WHOLLY & EXCLUSIVELY incurred for the purpose of the business.

If the dog is also a family pet but is used sometime as a guard dog, you should still be able to claim a share of the costs.

These costs are claimed under CA21220 – Plant and machinery

See this link to the HMRC Website:

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