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gamma gt
sir my medical report has stated that i have a raised gamma gt of 420 ,how can this level come down
asked in medical

OneFootInTheGame answers:

Drugs that can decrease GGT levels include clofibrate and oral contraceptives (birth control pills).

If you use alcohol, reducing or eliminating your use of it might help.


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Leohuberh answers:

++thus my liver function tests is abnormal.(in your YAHOO question)- and everyone needs more info as:

Since serum γGT mainly comes from the biliary system, it is a sensitive test for liver function, especially in biliary obstruction.
Its level in the blood may be tested for, as an elevated level may indicate an abnormality in the liver, though this can be caused by a number of conditions including:
* congestive heart failure
* cholestasis (congestion of the bile ducts)
* cirrhosis of the liver
* Restricted blood flow to the liver
* restricted venous outflow from liver like Budd-Chiari syndrome
* Necrosis of the liver, * Liver tumors, * hepatitis
* hepatotoxic drugs
Its levels are increased in chronic and acute alcohol abuse.


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